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Acute Cardiac Care: A Practical Guide for Nurses
By Angela Kucia, Tom Quinn

* Number Of Pages: 320
* Publication Date: 2009-11-09

Product Description:
Acute Cardiac Care provides nurses with a comprehensive understanding of the current practice and principles underlying the care and management of acute cardiac conditions. It addresses the management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) with an emphasis on evidence-based pharmacological management, cardiac emergencies (cardiac arrest, arrhythmia, acute pulmonary oedema, cardiogenic shock), current diagnostic and interventional modalities for the management of ACS, including risk stratification, and the ethical, political, social and economic factors that impact upon the provision of acute cardiac services in Australia and the UK.

Edited by renowned academics and clinicians in the field, this practical text will encourage nurses to think critically about evidence and management of acute coronary conditions, and provide a guide on how and where to look for up-to-date evidence and guidelines.

* A comprehensive and practical guide to the current practice and principles underlying the nursing care of acute cardiac conditions
* Edited by leading authorities in the field with a wealth of experience in acute cardiac care and resuscitation
* Has an emphasis on evidence-based practice, encouraging nurses to critically think about their practice
* Contains learning objectives, key points and activities and further reading guidelines


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