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Advancing Your Career: Concepts of Professional Nursing (DavisPlus)
Publisher:F. A. Davis Company | Pages:477 | 2008-03-03 | ISBN:0803618271 | PDF | 5.3 MB

Advance your career to the next level of professional practice with the guidance you’ll find in the New Edition of this popular text. Here are all the concepts you need to progress from RN to BSN and beyond – from new and timely topics such as quantum physics and genomics and how they are influencing the delivery of care to domestic violence and the potential impact of bioterrorism.Carefully constructed interactive exercises in the book help master the theories that are changing nursing practice today…and help to apply them in the real world.Perfect for both classroom-based and online courses!This book includes: quantum physics theory and its relevance to nursing care; nanotechnology and genomics and how they affect nursing; the American Organization of Nurse Executives and magnet status; increased focus on data element sets and terminologies recognized by ANA and staffing issues related to safety; coverage of domestic violence issues; JCAHO initiatives; bioterrorism and population protection; and, more web-based learning activities. It focuses specifically on practicing nurses returning to school to advance their careers. It includes interactive exercises in the book and online. It adds a new chapter, Protecting the Populace, with expanded coverage on community health issues, including bioterrorism. It offers web resources to demonstrate how to access effectively the Internet for more information. It discusses delegation and how it relates to the management of unlicensed assistive personnel.This book encompasses all of the critical components of professional nursing practice, including effective communication, professional ethics, leadership, group theory, teaching/learning, and multicultural issues. It provides web links to important nursing and governmental web sites. It features web-based student learning activities for each chapter and a web-based Instructor’s Guide.


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