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Publisher: Hodder EducationPublished: 31 July 2009Format: Paperback 256 pagesSee: Full bibliographic data Categories: Pharmacology Nursing Nursing Pharmacology ISBN 13: 9780340987339 ISBN 10: 0340987332Sales rank: 17,237

This best-selling pocket-sized book will help you to perform drug calculations with confidence and competence. The completely updated third edition includes community practice and primary care settings, and a whole new section on pharmacology and medicines to put drug calculations into context. Starting with the basic mathematical skills required for calculations, including tips on using calculators and estimating answers, Drug Calculations for Nurses progresses to give you an understanding of basic pharmacokinetics and therapeutics. It also covers how drugs work in specific groups such as children and the elderly. The book takes you through step-by-step drug calculations with units and drug strengths clearly explained. Pre-test and a revision questions allow you to test and be confident in the skills you have acquired. Key features: – content updated in line with current practice – examples and questions based on actual prescriptions – real-life case studies reinforce important aspects of the administration of medicines – learning objectives, tips, key points, and worked examples help you learn – pre-test at the beginning to identify any problem areas – revision test at the end to assess improvement and competency – logical format, ideal for individual study or a handy reference


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