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Maternal-Child Nursing Care: Optimizing Outcomes for Mothers, Children, & Families By Susan L. Ward, Shelton M. Hisley
Publisher: F A Davis Co 2009-02-15 | 1312 Pages | ISBN: 0803614861 | PDF | 48 MB

The perfect balance of maternal and child nursing care in a new textbook conceived and written to be a combination textbook! An extensive review by nursing educators ensures that it offers just the right depth and breadth of coverage for students in today s maternity/pediatric courses. Its unique emphasis on optimizing outcomes, evidence-based practice, and research supports the goal of caring for women, families and children not only in traditional hospital settings, but also wherever they live, work, study, or play. Clear, concise, and easy to follow, the content is organized around four major themes, holistic care, critical thinking, validating practice, and tools for care that help students to learn and apply the material.

Key Features

* Uses four major themes to organize the content:
* Holistic Care
* Holistic Quote/Story
* Nursing Insight boxes
* Collaboration in Caring
* Ethnocultural Considerations
* What to Say
* Nursing Care Plans
* Complementary and Alternative Care Modalities
* Across Care Settings
* Family Teaching Guidelines
* Critical Thinking
* Case Studies
* Clinical Alerts
* Critical Nursing Actions
* NCLEX-style review questions
* Concept Maps
* Learning Targets
* Key Words
* Validating Practice
* Optimizing Outcomes
* Moving Toward Evidence-Based Practice boxes
* Where Research and Practice Meet
* Be Sure To…
* Now Can You?
* Summary Points
* Tools for Care
* A & P Review
* Labs boxes
* Step-by-Step Procedure boxes
* Medication boxes
* Assessment Tools
* Diagnostic Tools


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